Gestione e Sicurezza del dato:
il punto di vista di un player internazionale.

Approfondire i modelli e le soluzioni messe in campo dall’azienda al fine di migliorare la governance del dato strutturato in ambienti cloud ed ibridi.

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15 Ottobre 2020 dalle 11:00 alle 12:00


Join the largest security and risk community for 3 days of learning, collaborating, and uniting with old and new innovative and inspirational friends. RSA Charge 2020…

Cybertech Conference and Exhibition Cyber

At Cybertech, the health and safety of the participants is a priority first of all, so the decision was taken to postpone Cybertech Europe in Rome to September 28-29 2021.

NSR Insights
NSR tra i soci fondatori del Centro di Competenza Cyber 4.0

Polo di orientamento e formazione finalizzato alla ricerca, sviluppo e adozione di tecnologie avanzate, alla sperimentazione e prototipazione di soluzioni innovative in ambito Industria 4.0, nell’area della Cybersecurity e…

NSR. | The Company

NSR is a certified Computer Engineering company with a strong aptitude for innovation.

We provide trusted innovative solutions that deliver positive business outcomes for our clients
in cybersecurity and data protection challenges.

NSR. | Approach

We deeply analyze our clients’ needs: ensuring a counseling always relevant and strategically aligned with their business goals. This insights level enables us to provide tailored, highly relevant answers to achieve the clients’ objectives in the most efficient manner.

We always offer the best performances

NSR team puts at the service of the customers consolidated expertise that is not only technical, but also in the management and coordination of the processes, in law and regulations compliance controls, in performance monitoring and in the communication and reporting systems, with the aim of a continuous improvement process.


We provide trusted innovative solutions

We provide trusted innovative solutions that delivers positive business outcomes for our clients in cyber security and data protection challenge. NSR implements ICT projects proposing innovative solutions, thanks to technical, organizational and methodological skills in the management of IT projects, in particular in system maintenance and services to support information and data security.

We are complex problem solvers

NSR team has a proven experience and capability to deal with complex and sensitive projects. Banks, Public Administrations, major Telco Company, Utilities and Services Company and a range of corporate businesses are the main customers who benefit from the solutions and services offered by NSR.


NSR is certified
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015 - ISO/IEC 20000