Data Protection, Data Anonymization, Database Virtualization

The topic of data management in increasingly complex DevOps (development operations) contexts is very topical. The protection of confidential and sensitive data clashes with the need to use “realistic” information for the testing of software applications: the “desk” creation of data for the execution of specific test cases is often ineffective and requires a considerable effort by the development and testing teams. At the same time, the need to replicate application environments also for compliance reasons (development, testing, testing, certification, etc.) environments, requires very demanding investments.

In this context NSR has developed a competence center capable of supporting its customers in the integration of their DevOps processes with “DataOps” solutions capable of offering data anonymization services, guaranteeing the information integrity of the database, and database virtualization systems, able to reduce investments in RDBMS environments and also support migration to the cloud.


How NSR works:

  • Assessment of databases and application park.
  • Identification of sensitive data and definition of anonymization policies.
  • Preparation of “DataOps” systems for database virtualization, automation of anonymization services, support of data discovery processes.


Products and Solutions:
Delphix, NSR Data Governance Portal


Main references:
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