IAM - Identity Governance and Access Management

The theme of the lifecycle governance of the credentials defined on the IT systems and of the authorizations assigned to users is crucial in the management of the security of a complex and heterogeneous Information System and represents one of the most important challenges for those responsible for the security of the corporate Information System. The sphere of competence of the NSR team concerns both the ability to design high-level Identity and Access Management and Governance services, taking into account the complexity of the functional and organizational context, and the ability to implement, integrate and configure market software products or open source within a complex information system based on heterogeneous components.


How NSR works:

  • Analysis of the process of managing credentials and authorizations for access to systems and applications, analysis of the technological context.
  • Design and Development of Identity Administration and Governance, Identity Provisioning.
  • Access Management and Single sign-on solutions, also in federated contexts (SAML protocol, also for the SPID service).
  • Design and Integration of strong authentication, multi factor authentication, risk-based authentication, data encryption and digital signature solutions.


Products and Solutions:
RSA SecurID Identity Administration and Governance, RSA SecureID Access, RSA SecurID Authentication Manager, Oracle IAM Suite, Forgerock OpenAM, Evolveum MidPoint IDM, OpenLDAP, ARX CoSign HSM


Main references:
INPS – Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale, Roma Capitale, Ministero Sviluppo Economico, Ministero della Difesa, Ministero per l’Ambiente, ENAC, InfoCamere, Saras